KL FESTIVAL : KL Fringe Festival and Festival Kuala Lumpur 2008

This is a very hectic week for theatre fans and activist. There is Fringe Festival at Stor Teater, DBP and Festival Teater at MTC. Both are interesting and quite frankly I am quite undecided of which event to attend. For KLFF, here., FKL08, here. Congratulation to Dr Zulkifli Mohamad the organiser for KL Fringe Festival and En Adnan Hamzah of FKL08 and En Wahab Hamzah of DBP for the high quality of the performances.

Met a few former champions of Pekan Teater at KLFF. Shahrul Fitri Musa with his “Gugurnya kopiah putih at KLFF show why he should be taken seriously after his “perhaps, perhaps” in Pentas Opera. There is also Marlenny Deen Irwan with YB JEE. Among the audiences at KLFF were Rosnani Seman, Azman Hassan of ANGKA and Ed of AKRAB. Sorry, I have no record of their winning years, perhaps interested readers can check with the organiser of Festival Kuala Lumpur 2008 for clues.

For Students of theatre or Seni Persembahan, please take the opportunity to enhance your knowledge during the festival.There are so much to learn.

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